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Addressing the need for social interaction between community members, especially seniors, is an important consideration for Village of Hope.

It Takes A Village: will empower our clients to meet the unexpected challenges of life, For emergency situations such as car repair, housing repairs, medical etc.. Clients will be encouraged to participate throughout the process. When the cost of a necessary project is greater than a client can bare, VoH will then advocate and work with community partners to help lessen the cost:

Currently we have 13 community partners that have agreed to this program. From St Catharines to Welland to Grimsby we will be assisting families through a registration application that will be reviewed by a committee once a month.

Thanks to the partnership with ReGift Depot we offer clothing,  household,and furniture to those in need free of charge.

Working alongside agencys such as WNSS we provide gently used household items, furniture and clothing to those most vulnerable in our community.

Thanks to the community and donations we have assisted over 370 individuals with items in 2014.

Please call if you have any items to donate, we offer Free pick up.

Healthy Cooking classes are held on a monthly basis. Clients have the opportunity to join us at Grand Oak Culinary Market in Vineland, and partake hands on in preparing healthy affordable dishes. Beginning with basics and learning everything from good grocery shopping tips to weekly meal planning. In season, we are fortunate to make jams, jellies and salsa for the cold winter months. This program is positive and a great opportunity for clients to visit and feel proud of their accomplishment.  A big thank-you to Foodland and Monteforte Farm for their generosity in making this program possible.


Addressing and maintaining the nutritional needs of members in the community, both young and old, is a top priority of Village of Hope.

• We offer monthly client visits  to receive fresh fruit and vegetables,bread, eggs, milk and a variety of canned items.

Our mission is to assist the most vulnerable in our community, due to job loss, illness or like the majority of people we serve the working poor. Thanks to local churches for opening their kitchens to assist.

• Snack Attack offers parents healthier snack options for their school-aged children throughout the week.

Bringing Families Back to Tables Program:

VoH offers Thanksgiving Food Hampers that include all the ingredients to cook a traditional ThanksGiving Dinner for the entire Family


All clients when registering with VoH must attend one on one budgeting, after 6 months will be reviewed. This has been successful in assisting young and old to move forward and eliminates cost endured through interest, disconnection notices plus gives clients hope.


Programs that support and enhance the needs of children within the community will continue to be at the forefront of Village of Hope.

Easter Egg Hunt is an annual chocolate egg hunting event for children that also offers a ham dinner for attending families.


VoH strongly believes that our voice represents those struggling to make ends meet, whether on disability, or labelled working poor it is time for the Gov’t to take a stand on poverty. VoH will continue to be the voice loud and clear that Change needs to happen!


Those living with mental or emotional fragility need the support and understanding of the community. Village of Hope is a strong advocate for these individuals.

• The First Steps in helping someone with a mental health issue is at the point of first encounter. Village of Hope provides emotional support and direction, rather than judgement, at the very first meeting with a community member in need.

Our Main Sponsors

Village of Hope has firmly established strong ties within the community by providing a range of programs and services that promote nutritional health, family events, and overall community involvement.

Ongoing programs offered by The Village of Hope

The Back to School Program helps registered children receive a new knapsack filled with all ncessary supplies. The Christmas Hamper Program  helps provide hampers and don’t forget the Annual Community Christmas Dinner, at Great Lakes High School, free of charge for all. We offer income tax services for low income families, individuals and seniors. Our Angel program provides A Christmas toy for a child at Christmas.

If  you’d like to support the Village of Hope, please call us at 905-562-3003 or email us at

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